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Obituary for Concettina J. "Tina" Sullivan

On Friday, April 9, 2021, Concettina “Tina” Sullivan, loving wife, mother and Nanny, passed away at age 94.

Tina grew up in Richmond Hill and resided in Howard Beach since 1961. She was an active member of St. Helen’s Parish. There she served as the Treasurer of the Rosarians and was a multi- term President of the Golden Age Club. Howard Beach mourns the loss of one of its proudest and most revered citizens.

Tina was predeceased by her husband, Edward in 1987. For more than thirty years, her self-reliance was transcendent of any norm. She continued to travel internationally and expand her horizons. Though comfortably provided for by her loving husband Eddie, she chose to work, and later retired from Roosevelt Savings Bank.

In keeping with her self-reliance she was an avid driver, specifically, an avid Cadillac driver. Her white Cadillac Coupe with its navy blue rag top was easily recognizable in Howard Beach and its arrival celebrated in Bayport when she visited her daughter and grandchildren

She created so many lasting memories for her family and friends with her quick wit and infectious laugh. She will also be remembered for her gentle dignity that lacked any hint of vanity. By her manner, she showed her family how to carry and conduct themselves in the world.

Those who knew her will recall the understated elegance evident in her manner of dress. Well into her late eighties, she could be spotted with not a single hair out of place, sporting accoutrements to match the outfit and mood of the day. To her grandchildren, she will be remembered cooking in the kitchen sporting one of her many colorful cobblers. Nanny’s cobbler- a utilitarian garment that reflected her diligent work, care and love for her family.

Tina is mourned and survived by her daughter Colleen King and her three children, Terence, Brendan, and Maura. A friend to many and family to more than those related by blood, Tina lives on in the hearts of all those she touched.